Monday, February 25, 2019

All the once

Last week was tumultuous. The weather couldn’t decide if it was spring or winter so one day I was shoveling snow and the next I was running in shorts and a short-sleeved shirt. There were a lot of potential things to throw me off of my training but I think the results were better than I expected. Even after the missed workouts because of the ice, snow, and the kids off of school, I managed 24 miles.

Running after the snowstorm! 
With 10 weeks until the Pittsburgh Marathon, I am slowly picking up mileage. Admittedly, I intended to be further along at this juncture but life happens and I’m not ready to let the bumps become mountains. My goal was to hit 40 miles a week at peek but I’m not sure that is feasible anymore. What I do know is that if I focus on running and finishing the miles in front of me, I can do it. Thats what I tried to accomplish this week.

Looking forward, I'm going to find a half marathon that I can add in the next month or so. My goals going into March are to increase miles with consistency and listen to my body. I'm willing to lose a workout if its screaming warning signs. Hopefully, the days with 25 - 60 mph winds will soon be a memory but thats exactly what yesterday looked like.

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