Monday, March 4, 2019

March is ROARING

In like a lion, out like a lamb...that is the saying and here we are! Even though it snowed I can see the horizon of spring running. I know its coming and that is good enough for me! Here is what has been up!

Running has started feeling great like maybe I'll just run an ultra or run across the country like Forrest Gump. After a few miles, I start to realize that I need pizza or tacos...maybe I just need more fuel on the run! Thats where I am right now, looking at different options of fueling. I'm getting into the territory where I can tell I need more. I have been using GU Roctane and they are great but I can only handle a little without GI discomfort. Has anyone had the unpleasant experience of having a gel send you running to the bathroom?...or worse? I don't want that experience in the marathon. I am going to pick up some chews to throw in and check out Tailwind. They have such a great reputation that I have to try it.

Sunday I went for a run in the snow and on one hand, I loved it but I sorta forgot about the part where the snow gets you completely soaked. It's a good time though and I highly recommend it for all of you in regions that support real winter. Sorry, Arizona!

The sounds of the wild can be subtle and somewhere in between, you can find yourself. That is what running on a trail is like. Regardless of the terrain of the trail, its always a rewarding experience. On this day I ran in my Saucony Peregrine 7's for the first time. What I liked about the reviews of the older model was that they are lighter and have a rock plate. Version 8 ditched the rock plate and was rated mediocre. I have been running in anything from an 8-12mm heel drop and these have a 4mm. What a difference! I worried about straining my Achilles like a bad flashback of 2018 but it was great.

Moving forward, I promise not to sign up for all the races but MCM will open soon and I may impulsively enter. Then again, I need to focus on the race in front of me. Pittsburgh is upcoming on May 5th and this is intimidating AF. I'm heading into the prime half-marathon season and have yet to sign up for a race. I would like to hit a race as part of my training but haven't found one yet.

Are you guys ready to Spring forward this Sunday? I am. Find me on more runs in the evenings before the sun goes down. 

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