Monday, April 8, 2019

Finding Balance and Seeking Changes

I've been at a crossroads for several weeks regarding my running. March into April brought a series of difficulties that included illness. When I thought forward about where I was headed, I wasn't certain what path I was actually on. March felt like a failure as I mentally reviewed everything. It was an overly negative sentiment but my ability to illuminate the path in front of me seemed dim.

As my running picked up mileage it felt good, but then I became ill. On one run I was frozen, miles away from my vehicle in the dark without a a t-shirt. I was away from home for hours and while my family doesn't like that, they understand to a point. The scales were tipping in the other direction and it really felt like the frequency and duration of my runs was too much for my family relationships. At the same time, I had this fun 5k in my hometown for St. Patricks Day which gave me a PR of 31:30. It really helped me remember how much I love running.

What I wrestled with at this point was putting this barrier in front of something that I've been talking about for months. I felt guilty and it felt like an easy out. However, I came up with a new game plan to regain the balance that I need for my family and myself. I'm hitting half marathons and focusing more on improving my time through the training. It kinda bums me out but I'm eager to see what I can do.

I looked back and my runs for March and realized my miles increased by 25% over February. Even though it may seem a little contradictory, I am happy with the mileage increase. At some level, I'm improving my running and showing consistency. Let's see what the rest of April brings!

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