Monday, May 13, 2019

Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

This week ushers more rain and it’s been a task to avoid it (I’d melt). I have used a weather app to track where the storms are going at which time since I have over an hour commute. I can effectively gauge where, if any, I can run without melting away in the rain. Many days it has meant running around my neighborhood in the evenings after everything has passed.

However, my training went into a bit of limbo after effectively taking myself out of the marathon. 
What I have done is focus more on consistent running splits and building up my running efficiency. I felt like I had to be a sloth to run 15 miles preparing for 26.2. When you can run knowing that there isn’t any more after you turn the corner, it changes things. Put all the cards on the table and go! This has built a different kind of mental fortitude. You really have to be comfortable not being comfortable. If I can focus on 3-5 miles of not being comfortable, then I can prepare for an unrelenting hill or other obstacles.

I’m also using Strava so this month has been a little bit of an exploratory process using a new app. I’m involved in the BibRave Run Club Run Streak which is running at least a mile a day for the month of May. IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN and it’s a lot of fun doing it with so many supportive people. Check it out on Strava.

Spring is almost over folks, which can only mean it’s time to buy new shoes. Let’s focus on what really matters…pre-sale running shoes or the newest iteration of your favorite. So many options. 

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