Sunday, June 2, 2019

Welcome to June! Summer running has begun and depending on where you live it could be VERY hot by this point. I'm feeling that to an extent here in the West Virginia and Maryland areas. I have been a little MIA in the last week but I have been dealing with a short bout of Achilles pain that I wasn't messing around with! I've been there and the first time you have a long-term injury, it teaches you that you never want to have to experience that again.

How was your May running? Did you meet your goals? I think social media has put a lot of emphases for us to show our progress monthly but the pressure to conform to consistent progress can be unrealistic. Look at my drop off in miles because I listened to my body and didn't want to seriously injure myself. That's important and a few miles not run today means more miles and enjoyment in the long-term. Be proud of your achievements but also realize that running looks a lot like the rest of our lives...there will be peaks and valleys. Sometimes the next big accomplishment is just around the corner.

Trail running has injected a lot into my routine and it was tough to take a week off. I think there is more than running that contributes to this, mainly love for nature, hiking, and the outdoors. Not everyone will agree and it is certainly a lot different than road running if that is your thing.

I had the best intentions of running May as a run streak with Bibrave! I had a work event that spanned 12 hours and emotionally I was drained. I knew it was best not to run after that, I was totally exhausted. I gained tremendous respect for those with long-term run streaks because while I was running, I really saw a transformation in my thinking. It no longer became an option to run, I had to run! Run streaks are fun and if you can manage it, I highly recommend trying one. I also am a huge proponent of not following the crowd, just do what is best for you and your training.

Last thought: I love how the online running community comes together and that is what really drew me to Bibrave. I've noticed in other groups on different non-twitter platforms there is more trolling with the online community and I just want to remind everyone that there are real people on the other side of those questions, comments, and shares. Think before you type something you'd never say to anyone in real life.

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