Thursday, July 4, 2019

Don't Sweat it! A Review on Buff's CoolNet UV+

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When it comes to headwear in the warmer months, I have always identified as a hat guy. I’ve had people all around talk about using Buff multifunctional headwear but never tried them. So I had the opportunity to test Buff's CoolNet UV+ Headband and I was curious. I mean, it’s a tough sell for a self-proclaimed hat guy.

First impressions
·        The headband is really light and it almost feels cool to the touch. Immediately I realized this was made out of a material that would be feasible in hot, humid climates (like my own).
·        It is super easy to pull over my head and arrange how I want it. Again, it's light and I barely know it’s there.

Trail Run
I went for a trail run and I was unsure that it wouldn’t become saturated and stop working. Nevertheless, I ran confidently into the woods for a 6-mile run. It never stopped working to wick the sweat from my forehead and I barely realized it was there. It didn’t move around and wasn’t overly constraining on my head.

Road running
I ran with my ensemble of Aftershokz, sunglasses and my Buff CoolNet UV+. Even with all these pieces added to my head, everything was perfect.

Did you know that the Buff CoolNet UV+ is made out of 1 recycled plastic bottle? 

I really appreciate a company who takes their environmental impact seriously. I live in an area with low recycling participating and enjoy purchasing a product that reuses a plastic bottle.

Summer Sun Protection
If you've spent time participating in BibChat (which you totally should!), you may have seen me say that protection from the sun is important to me. Sun damage is cumulative over time and Buff's CoolNet UV+ is rated UPF 50+. You're simply not going to get this from the bargain bin knock offs. 

Would I purchase another? Well, I already have and I don't really miss my hat anymore. 

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