Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Sir, I can't understand you. Why Road ID Matters.

Disclaimer: I received a ROAD iD Wrist iD to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find, and write race reviews!

Have you ever had a situation that you thought you might not make it out of or were genuinely scared? I remember waking up at home in pain, unable to breathe or stand upright. I decided to trust the judgment of a loved one and they made phone calls to get me the treatment I needed. I could barely speak. I found out I could have died if I didn't go to the ER but with the help of medication, that isn't an issue. However, emergency staff would need to know I'm on this medication. Which leads to the thought...what if I can't verbally tell them?

Enter Road ID. I use a wrist ID every day and especially when I'm running, regardless of where that may be. I put it on and I forget that I'm even wearing it. Its a great investment for peace of mind and I personally like the visibility of the wrist ID versus a dog tag style.

I was super excited to try a new Road ID since I've been using an older version for a few years. I opted for a Silicone Clap Road ID. When it arrived the clasp felt solid, very durable, and it was very easy to maneuver. I had to cut the length of the silicone to get the right fit for my wrist (there are instructions). It took me a minute to get it just as I wanted but once it was done, I was good to go.

What do you put on them you ask? Whatever you want but here are a few examples:

  • Health Info - Name, Blood Type, Drug Allergies, Food Allergies, Medications. Important medical conditions. 
  • Motivational Quotes - "It's not what you achieve, it's what you overcome."
  • Emergency Contact Info - Call Jenny - 867-5309 
I know some people use Apple Watches and Garmin products which may interfere with a normal wrist Road ID. BUT! Road ID has options for both that fit right on the side of the wrist strap so you don't have to choose. As a parent, I remember the age of worry (it doesn't stop, folks) where my kids didn't know their address or my phone number. What if they got lost? Looking back, I wish I had the Kids ID when they were young. 

I also picked up a badge that goes on the outside of the ID. Its a great accessory to the ID itself.

It’s a really cool brand with a great way to ensure your safety when your out running or getting your miles in on a bike. Like I’ve mentioned, it’s a good thing to wear all the time...you never know when it may come in to save the day. 

If you are looking for your own, now is a great time to visit Road ID They are running sales up to 60% off and this a great gift for under the tree. 

Check out the story that started it all! 

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